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        European EV Lightweight Summit 2023

        European EV Lightweight Summit 2023 已過期

        會議時間:2023-11-23 09:00至 2023-11-24 17:00結束

        會議地點: 法蘭克福  詳細地址會前通知  


        主辦單位: 上海希為投資管理有限公司(ECV international)

        發票類型:增值稅普通發票 增值稅專用發票
        參會憑證:郵件/短信發送參會通知 現場憑電話姓名參會

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              會議內容 主辦方介紹

              European EV Lightweight Summit 2023

              European EV Lightweight Summit 2023宣傳圖

              Event Background

              The stricter CO2 emission standards for new passenger cars in Europe and net-zero emissions targets have encouraged the automotive industry to accelerate the transition to electric mobility. As estimated for every 100kg saved, an EV’s driving range increases by 10% to 11% and battery costs will reduce by 20%. The innovation and successful applications of new light metals and composite materials can also improve the safety and strength of car bodies, optimize components structural design and save EVs’ energy. The great progress of advanced manufacturing techniques enables the joining of multi materials and hybrid parts as well. Besides decarbonization policies require more green materials in cars’ full lifecycle production.

              European EV Lightweight Summit 2023 will bring together 300+ attendees to discuss valuable EV lightweight development insights and share cutting-edge vehicle weight reduction technologies. We will provide a high-level and whole-industry-chain conference platform for you to exchange key industrial information and build a lighter and sustainable automotive future together with you.


              Event Date/ Location / Organizer

              November 23-24, 2023 / Frankfurt,Germany / ECV International

              The summit will be held in-person and online.


              Hot topics

              • 2023 Forecasts and Trends Analysis of EV Lightweight Development in Europe
              • How Vehicle Lightweight Embraces the Wave of Electrification Revolution
              • Multi-Material Body---Advanced Solutions to Balance Lightweight, Cost and Performance
              • Sustainable and Lightweight EVs with the Integrated Applications of Aluminum Alloys
              • Driving the Future---Innovative Sustainable Materials in Next-Generation Lightweight EVs
              • Advanced Ultra High-Strength Steels (UHSS) Development for Vehicles’ Overall Weight Reduction and Green Steel Production Process by Using Hydrogen
              • Challenges and Methods to Realize EV Lightweight and Achieve Net-Zero Emissions
              • Advanced Joining Technologies in Multi-Material Lightweight Parts Design
              • Developing New Lightweight Chassis Architecture and Technology for Future EVs
              • Cell to Body Technology (CTB): A New Approach to Lighter and Safer Next Generation BEVs
              • Advanced Mega-Casting Technique
              • How Smart Manufacturing Contributes to EVs’ Lightweight
              • Thermoplastic Materials’ Innovative Applications on Vehicle Exteriors
              • Composite Material: Safety and Weight-Optimized Battery Cover for E-Mobility
              • Magnesium Alloys for Automotive Structures and PHEV Lightweight Powertrain
              • ……



              Consulting ; OEMs ; Tier 1 and Tier 2 ; Steel ; Associations ; Magnesium Alloys ; Titanium ; Aluminum Alloys ; Composite Materials ; Engineering Plastics ; Welding/Stamping ; Joining/Assembly ; 3D Printing ; CAE and Simulation ; Die Casting ; Components


              About us

              Shanghai ECV International Co., Ltd. (ECV International) is Asia's leading?organizer of high-end international events of all sizes with 100+ experts on industry research, event planning and management. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality and personalized service for each and every event.

              Based in Shanghai, our business scope reaches out the globe. Every year, we host regularly more than 60 high-level online and in-person international conferences in China, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, France, Germany and other countries, attracting 6,000+ attendees from across the world— including senior management of established players, to first-time entrepreneurs of start-ups, to technical KOLs.

              Our mission is to present the cutting-edge and high-quality content, build a valuable networking platform for corporate executives, and help decision makers create value and pursue excellence.


              上海希為投資管理有限公司(ECV international) 上海希為投資管理有限公司(ECV international)

              上海希為投資管理有限公司(ECV international)于2010年在中國上海成立,是一家專門從事國際高端會議策劃及承辦的公司。我們為已經擁有或計劃開發中國市場的外資企業提供專業的商業及管理咨詢服務,主要致力于行業的智能、綠色及可持續發展等問題。我們通過與政府相關部門以及行業協會等機構的合作,成功舉辦了一些具有行業影響力的高端國際性會議,并且和許多跨國企業建立多次合作關系。通過我們持續的熱情和卓絕的努力,和我們的客戶一起創造價值。 公司文化:創造價值,追求卓越 我們的愿景:成為值得信賴的且能為客戶創造價值的合作伙伴。







              票種名稱 價格 原價 票價說明
              線下票 ¥12989 ¥12989 Offline ticket:1800USD Online ticket:1200USD


              酒店與住宿: 為防止極端情況下活動延期或取消,建議“異地客戶”與活動家客服確認參會信息后,再安排出行與住宿。
              退款規則: 活動各項資源需提前采購,購票后不支持退款,可以換人參加。



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